The "Blue Jacket" series was announced at the MIPCOM event in Cannes, France on 2014 October 14. The first series to star Lupin in thirty years is set in Italy and San Marino. The series is in the hands of solid Lupin veterans with Kazuhide Tomonaga, (key animator on Mamo and Cagliostro as chief director, Yuichiro Yano directing at Telecom Animation Film, and Yuuya Takahashi (Jigen Daisuke no Bohyō) in charge of the series scripts.

The series is set to open with Zenigata receiving an invitation to Lupin's wedding. Lupin is marrying Rebecca Rossellini, the young president of a conglomerate based in the Republic of San Marino. She has also worked as a model and an actress, and has been rumored to be involved in a number of celebrity affairs. She has an independent wild streak and has a secret she cannot tell anyone.

It was expected to initially be broadcast in Italy in 2015 May with a Japanese broadcast in fall 2015. The series was delayed in Italy until August with the Japanese broadcast beginning a little over a month later. Two episodes were broadcast in Italy but reserved as DVD / Blu-ray only episodes in Japan.

Japanese Title:
Rupan Sansei (Lupin the Third)
Jacket Color:
Initial Italian Air Date:
2015 August 30
Initial Japanese Air Date:
2015 October 01
Final Italian Air Date:
2015 November 30
Final Japanese Air Date:
2016 March 17
Episode Count:
Run Time per Episode:
30 minutes
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  • Episode 1: The Wedding of Lupin The Third

    The Wedding of Lupin The Third

    Inspector Zenigata arrives in San Marino after receiving a note from Lupin The Third. This time, instead of a declaration of a new theft, it's a wedding invitation. It seems Lupin is getting married to Rebecca Rossellini, the young Chair of the Rossellini Zaibatsu. But behind the wedding is Lupin's true goal: to steal San Marino's national treasure, the Royal Crown of Libertas. Somehow, Zenigata receives a false note from someone who isn't Lupin, which clues him in to Lupin's plan. Who sent him the note, and why?

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  • Episode 2: The Fake Fantasista

    The Fake Fantasista

    Marlow Brozzi, a soccer player, is known as the Treasure of San Marino. His team, AC San Marino, is well on its way to winning the Coppa Italia, a soccer cup competition that determines the best team in Italy. A mafia member has proof that Brozzi has been using doping, so Brozzi approaches Lupin The Third for help taking those records back from the mafia... but Brozzi has a secret he's hiding.

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  • Episode 3: 0.2% Chance of Survival

    0.2% Chance of Survival

    Lupin and the gang managed to steal a fragment of Marie Antoinette's necklace, a treasure deeply connected to Count Cagliostro, but Jigen has been captured by Nix, also known as Agent MI6 of the British Secret Service and a super talented spy. After receiving orders to retrieve the treasure Lupin stole, Nix pursues Lupin. Just when Lupin thinks he's made a clean break, Nix keeps catching up to him. Finally, they have each other at gunpoint...

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  • Episode 4: With a Gun in My Hand

    With a Gun in My Hand

    A toothache prompts Jigen to rush to a clinic in a ruined town. The doctor, Livia, says she'll only take a look at him if he'll let her hold on to his gun, so he has no choice but to hand it over. While he waits for Livia to examine him, Jigen notices several patients lying in the clinic looking, for all intents and purposes, dead. He learns that they're called the "Living Dead," and that it's the work of Eric, a gang boss. It's forbidden to have a gun in this town without Eric's permission. Just then, Eric shows up at the clinic...

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  • Episode 5: The Magician’s Left Hand

    The Magician’s Left Hand

    Fujiko Mine is seen with the members of a failing circus troupe. A former member of the troupe, Tony Belacastro, known as the Magician, died ten years ago, but the secrets to his magic are written in his "Trick Recipes". Everyone wants to get their hands on them, but the one to inherit them was a young troupe member named Luka. It's Luka that Fujiko is trying to get near. What is it she's after? Lupin is out to find the answer.

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  • Episode 6: Until the Full Moon Passes

    Until the Full Moon Passes

    The widow Elena is the only one who knows where her late husband hid his fortune. Zenigata shows up to protect her from Lupin's gang, who are out to steal it from her. Zenigata and Elena go to her mountain retreat to hide from Lupin, and as they spend time there, the suspicious Elena begins to open up to Zenigata. But she can't bring herself to trust him and leaves by herself. Zenigata chases her and sees...

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  • Episode 7: The Zapping Operation

    The Zapping Operation

    Nix, Agent MI6 of the British Secret Service, is at the dinner table with his family. Because he values his wife and daughters above all others, he keeps his identity as MI6 a secret from them. Then one of his daughters, Bridgette, is kidnapped by some mysterious men. When Nix finds out the men are from a gang he's been pursuing, he goes after the men in outrage. Meanwhile, Lupin is being chased by Zenigata as usual and borrows a car to escape... but for some reason, Bridgette is in the car!

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  • Episode 8: Welcome to the Haunted Hotel

    Welcome to the Haunted Hotel

    An eerie old castle stands on the outskirts of Florence. It's been converted to a hotel, but it's also known as the "The Mansion of the Cursed Bride", where the ghost of a bride is said to appear. It's said that a priceless treasure rests in the hotel, so Lupin and the gang pay a visit. Jigen sees what he thinks is a ghost, but Lupin doesn't believe him and continues searching for the treasure... then encounters a girl named Carla.

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  • Episode 9: Requiem for the Assassins

    Requiem for the Assassins

    Long ago, a West African dictator was assassinated, and the assassins involved were later killed one by one. Goemon was one of those involved in the assassination. A former bodyguard of the assassinated dictator, the legendary sniper Zora, might be out for revenge... so Goemon sets out with another assassin from the same case, Belladonna, to find him.

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  • Episode 10: The Lovesick Pig

    The Lovesick Pig

    Lupin is invited by both Fujiko and Rebecca to a couples-only wine auction party. Both women have their sights on the same thing: The Lovesick Pig, a legendary wine appearing in the auction. It's said that couples who drink the wine will be happy together forever. As a vicious battle for the wine unfolds between the two women, even Lupin is losing his mind!

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  • Episode 11: The Dream of Italy, Part 1

    The Dream of Italy, Part 1

    Rebecca is kidnapped by British Secret Service Agent MI6, and Lupin must rescue her! Before she was kidnapped, Rebecca had been deciphering a book left behind by a genius scientist, and MI6 made the mysterious comment that it was the "Dream of Italy". Lupin heads for MI6's secret base where Fujiko is being held, but he encounters heavy security and MI6's own elite agents.

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  • Episode 12: The Dream of Italy, Part 2

    The Dream of Italy, Part 2

    Lupin finally deciphers the book left behind by the genius scientist Uraga, and then mysteriously falls asleep. He ends up in a world where it's impossible to tell whether what he sees is a dream or reality. Is this the "Dream of Italy"?! When Lupin meets a young Rebecca and the scientist Uraga, who's supposed to be dead, he learns the truth of the "Dream of Italy" from Uraga himself. Meanwhile, Nix is in a crazed pursuit of Lupin, and the final battle between the two of them draws near!

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  • Episode 13: The End of Lupin III

    The End of Lupin III

    Lupin has been arrested and imprisoned. He's tried everything he could to escape, but Zenigata stops him every time. Zenigata then sends Lupin to an even higher-security prison, just to be on the safe side. Lupin finally accepts his fate and won't even touch the food Zenigata offers him anymore, which leaves him weak and frail. The end of Lupin III has come at last.

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  • Episode 14: Don't Move the Mona Lisa

    Don't Move the Mona Lisa

    Lupin is so broke that he doesn't know what he'll eat tomorrow, so he concocts a plan to steal the Mona Lisa. But the Mona Lisa is one of the most prominent works of art in the world and won't be easy to steal. He does his best to weave through the security net Zenigata has set in place, but is forced to flee empty-handed in the end. As Zenigata gazes at the untouched Mona Lisa, he starts to feel like something is off... and somehow, Lupin has the real Mona Lisa?!

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  • Episode 15: High School Undercover!

    High School Undercover!

    Like a she-devil, the diamond "Cleopatra's Soul" is constantly changing owners. In search of the diamond, Lupin arrives at what appears to be an ordinary school... except that the teachers there are making a bomb as part of some shady scheme. Lupin enters disguised as a teacher to find the diamond, but it's in the hands of the teachers making the bomb, and the situation quickly grows perilous!

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  • Episode 16: Lupin's Day Off

    Lupin's Day Off

    Lupin, Jigen, and Goemon decide to forget about work for the day and go eat some tasty sushi, but when they hop in the car to leave, they find a dog inside. Lupin promises to drop the dog off with Fujiko while they're out getting sushi. The trio's day off turns into a day of being chased by Zenigata and getting into all kinds of trouble, all over one little dog. What will come of their long-awaited day off?

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  • Episode 17: The Murdering Marionette

    The Murdering Marionette

    Greco is a man revered as a savior for defeating evildoers one after another. Everyone Greco targets dies within 24 hours, killing and being killed by their own comrades. When provoked by Greco, Lupin and the gang head to Greco's church. There they learn that Greco is plotting to manipulate one of them as a marionette to kill the others, so they all grow suspicious of one another. Who is actually Greco's marionette?

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  • Episode 18: The First Supper

    The First Supper

    A mysterious portrait of Lupin appears at a major fashion show in Milan. Portraits of Jigen and Goemon show up as well, so the trio heads to Milan, believing it's some sort of challenge. Zenigata and Fujiko are also there, as are portraits of the two of them. When it's determined that the portraits have been painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, Lupin realizes something and rushes to the church where "The Last Supper" is displayed. What will he find there?!

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  • Episode 19: Dragons Sleep Soundly

    Dragons Sleep Soundly

    While shopping with his family, Nix is shot by someone and loses consciousness. He wakes up bound, and before him is Percival, his boss from his days as MI6. Percival tells Nix that he wants him to recover the "Dragon's Tail", which has been stolen. And Lupin III is also after the Dragon's Tail... Just what is this thing everyone is after, anyway?!

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  • Episode 20: To Hear You Sing Again

    To Hear You Sing Again

    Lupin has stolen the car that the famous singer Nora Anita loved and drove for nearly half a century. Zenigata and the police are after him, but they won't make a move for fear of damaging the priceless car. Where is Lupin headed in the treasured car?! Meanwhile, Nora Anita's husband looks back on his memories with Nora in her younger days as he looks after his aged wife.

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  • Episode 21: From Japan with Love

    From Japan with Love

    While in Italy, Lupin gets a call from someone claiming to have kidnapped Fujiko. The kidnapper blackmails Lupin into stealing a marionette once owned by Gennai Hiraga and now being kept in a mansion in Tokyo. Lupin hurries to Japan, steals the treasure, and takes it to where Fujiko is held, only to learn that her kidnapping was staged. Standing with Fujiko is the great detective who has solved many difficult cases, Akechi Holmes Kousuke, and Lupin is arrested!

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  • Episode 22: I'm Going to Get You, Lupin

    I'm Going to Get You, Lupin

    Declarations of theft show up throughout the city, and they all bear the message "Tonight I'm going to get you, Lupin III," with a lipstick mark underneath. The one who's been distributing the notes is Rebecca. When she finds Lupin on the run after breaking into a bank, she does all she can to capture him... But why in the world does Rebecca want to steal Lupin?

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  • Episode 23: World Dissection, Part 1

    World Dissection, Part 1

    Leonardo Da Vinci announces that he is going to unveil his latest work in San Marino. Its title is "World Harmony". After the announcement, for some reason, people all around the Italian Peninsula fall unconscious... and Lupin and the gang are no exception. Lupin later awakes in San Marino, and in front of him, he spots Da Vinci. As he follows the artist, Lupin discovers what "World Harmony" actually is!

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  • Episode 24: World Dissection, Part 2

    World Dissection, Part 2

    Rebecca's personality is under Da Vinci's control. In an effort to save her, Lupin delves in to her mind, where he struggles with all kinds of traps set by Da Vinci. He manages to encounter Rebecca's captured personality, but her vitality is gone, and Da Vinci has overwritten all her memories. She even forgets about Lupin...

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  • Episode 25: Venice of the Dead

    Venice of the Dead

    Lupin meets Rebecca to sign divorce papers, but before they could finish they are attacked by zombies.

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  • Episode 26: Nonstop Rendezvous

    Nonstop Rendezvous

    Rebecca remembers the first time she meets Lupin.

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