Japanese Title:
Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna
Jacket Color:
Initial Air Date:
2012 April 04
Final Air Date:
2012 June 27
Episode Count:
Run Time per Episode:
~30 minutes
Woman Called Mine Fujiko promotional image
  • Master Thief vs. Lady Looter

    Episode 1: Master Thief vs. Lady Looter

    Dai dorobō VS on'na kaitō

    Fujiko Mine, the devastatingly sexy lady thief who'll stop at nothing to make her steal, has her sights set on a religious cult's secret treasure when a new man waltzes into her life: Lupin the Third. Has our luscious looter finally met her match?

  • 357 Magnum

    Episode 2: 357 Magnum

    .357 Magunamu

    A war is going down between the Italian and Chinese Mafias, and Fujiko ends up in the middle of it. A mysterious bodyguard named Daisuke Jigen stands at the heart of the matter, but who knows whose side he's really on?

  • The Lady and the Samurai

    Episode 3: The Lady and the Samurai

    Shukujo to samurai

    She's always getting in trouble / But she may give you a square deal / She's always sharing everything / Except for every steal / Even a lowly samurai / Is quick to see the appeal / How do you solve a problem like Fujiko Mine?

  • Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore

    Episode 4: Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore

    Uta ni iki, koi ni iki

    The famous diva Aiyan's bejeweled mask has been targeted by Lupin the Third, and Zenigata determines to "set a thief to catch a thief." Who will get to the mask first: Fujiko or Lupin?

  • Blood-Soaked Triangle

    Episode 5: Blood-Soaked Triangle

    Chi nureta sankaku

    Using her womanly wiles, Fujiko convinces Lupin to retrieve the legendary Laughing Peacock from an Egyptian pyramid. However, the seemingly simple job turns into a fierce race when Jigen sets his sights on the treasure too.

  • Prison of Love

    Episode 6: Prison of Love

    Ai no rōgoku

    Fujiko infiltrates a Catholic girls' school and sets about stealing all the maidens' hearts to pave the way for an even bigger theft. But Oscar knows exactly what she's up to, and he's got a plan to stop her.

  • Music and Revolution

    Episode 7: Music and Revolution

    Ongaku to kakumei

    The nation of Carib is in political upheaval, and Fujiko is in the thick of the action, naturally. What is she doing posing as a reporter? Will revolutionary Philadel Kest win her heart where Lupin has failed? And what is Goemon doing on that fighter jet?!

  • Dying Day

    Episode 8: Dying Day


    A fortune-teller supposedly able to predict his clients' deaths is for some reason seeking out Lupin's prior victims and giving them some very disturbing readings. What's the connection to Fujiko Mine, and how far will she go to see this job through?

  • Love Wreathed in Steam

    Episode 9: Love Wreathed in Steam

    Yukemuri bojō

    Magical realism plus human trafficking plus Lupin and Daisuke Jigen plus a spa vacation plus Fujiko off the deep end equals... Well, you'll just have to find out.

  • Ghost Town

    Episode 10: Ghost Town

    Shinda machi

    Count Almeida has a job for Lupin, and he's not about to take no for an answer. When Lupin and Zenigata both separately make their way to the Count's villa seeking answers, the trail of clues leads to a ghost town with just one inhabitant.

  • The Feast of Fools

    Episode 11: The Feast of Fools

    Orokamono no matsuri

    A recent string of particularly flashy thefts has been tied to Fujiko Mine, who seems to have taken to sending written warnings to the police just like Lupin does. But if you ask Inspector Zenigata, something smells fishy about the whole thing.

  • The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (Part 1)

    Episode 12: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (Part 1)

    Mine Fujiko to iu on'na (zenpen)

    Oscar's body is missing, girls are being kidnapped all over the world, and Lupin still hasn't made good on his threat to steal Fujiko Mine. There's only one thing to do: It's time to pay a visit to one Count Lués Yu Almeida.

  • The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (Part 2)

    Episode 13: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (Part 2)

    Mine Fujiko to iu on'na (kōhen)

    In the season finale, all the players have finally come together, and it's time to see how the tale ends.

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