Ishikawa Goemon

Thirteenth in the line of the Ishikawa samurai family, Goemon wields a sword, Zantetsuken, that can cut through anything and is nearly indestructible. While the bulk of his training is shrouded in mystery, it is known that received assassination training from Momochi no Jijii ("Old Man Momochi"). Momochi ordered Goemon to kill Lupin; however, Momochi planned on eliminating both Goemon and Lupin to become the world's greatest assassin but was killed by Lupin.

Through long and rigorous training, Goemon has perfected the art of iai, the katana fast-draw. The combination of Goemon's reflexes and Zantetsuken's sharpness make for a lethal package. While he feels that most of the people or things that feel the touch of Zantetsuken are worthless, he does not hesitate to cut down anything or anyone that blocks his path.

Goemon is based on a historical figure of the same name. He was the Japanese version of Robin Hood though some debate this comparison. The original Goemon lived circa 1650 AD and was finally caught and executed by being placed in a pot of boiling oil.

Inoue Makio

Inoue Makio

When not voicing Goemon, Inoue Makio can be heard in such notable anime as Gundam, Galaxy Express 999, and more.

Goemon's age is unknown. He is 180 cm. tall (5' 10") and weighs 63 kg. (~138 lbs.). He is rather awkward around women, a weakness oft exploited. He has been given the pseudonyms "Francis" in Spain and "Yokitori" in France.