Mine Fujiko

Mine Fujiko is a beautiful thief that few men, including Lupin, can resist. Her primary modus operandi is using her feminine wiles to get close to the same treasure that Lupin is after. Fujiko and Lupin are occasionally friends, more often opponents, and never really lovers much to Lupin's chagrin. Normally, Lupin does outsmart Fujiko, but she also makes away with the loot on occasion.

She routinely makes a deal with Zenigata to hand over Lupin in exchange for her own freedom. While she is very seductive and devious, she is also intelligent and is an expert in firearms, burglary, and driving.

Masuyama Eiko

Masuyama Eiko

Aside from voicing Fujiko in countless Lupin adventures, Masuyama Eiko has also voiced other characters, most notably for providing the voice of the main character in Cutey Honey.

Fujiko's age is unknown (it's not polite to ask a woman's age after all). She is 167 cm. tall (5' 7") and weighs 50 kg. (~110 lbs.). Her "three sizes" are bust 99.9, waist 55.5, and hips 88.8. Her preferred firearm is the Browning M1910 and preferred cigarette is the Moa(?) menthol. She has gone by the pseudonyms of "Vanessa" in Mexico, "Patricia" in Spain, and "Magali" in France.