This film is notable for introducing the first new voice in the main Lupin cast since the entire cast replacement for Plot of the Fuma Clan. Sadly, Yamada Yasuo passed away on 1995 March 19 from a brain hemorrhage. Kurita Kanichi was personally tapped by Yamada to be his successor based on Kurita's nearly spot-on imitation of Yamada's style. The title of the film translates more literally as Die, Nostradamus!, but fansubbers usually referred to it as To Hell with Nostradamus!

The film was released in the US on DVD by Funimation alone and in a box set with other Lupin films titled The Final Haul.

Japanese Title:
Rupan Sansei: kutabare! nosutoradamusu
Jacket Color:
Release Date:
1995 April 22
Run Time:
100 minutes


A simple diamond heist leads Lupin into the machinations of a bizarre cult. The cult is based around the prophecies of Nostradamus, and they kidnap Julia, the daughter of Douglas, a wealthy American who is seeking the presidency, along with Lupin's diamond. At stake is the lost book of prophecy Douglas holds in the vault at the top of his skyscraper.

Can Lupin rescue Julia, find a way into the vault, and discover the connection between the cult and the kidnapping? And what about his diamond?!

Farewell to Nostradamus Theatrical Poster
Jigen Daisuke:
Goemon Ishikawa XIII:
Fujiko Mine:
Arsene Lupin III:
Inspector Zenigata:

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Lupin III Kutabare Nostradamus Original Soundtrack

  1. Theme from Lupin III '89
  2. Zenigata's Power Game
  3. First Class Contact
  4. Highjack
  5. High Tech Tower, Earth Building
  6. Aim for the Vault
  7. Prediction Execution Unit
  8. Sky Gate
  9. At Execution Island
  10. Philip's Memories
  11. Boy Sergio
  12. Warming... It Lifts
  13. If You Want
  14. Chris' Intrigue
  15. Tania's Disappearance
  16. Prediction for the End of the Century
  17. Move Out
  18. Disappearance Ground 1000M
  19. The Women Now
  20. Aim for the Top
  21. Genocide Chute
  22. Julia
  23. Chaser
  24. Discouraged Inspector
  25. Eye Spell
  26. Leslie's Miscalculation
  27. High Tech Tower Falls Apart
  28. Welcome to the Playroom
  29. Linear Bathtub Coaster
  30. After the Smoke Cleared
  31. Continuation of Love
Lupin III Kutabare Nostradamus Original Soundtrack CD cover
Catalog #:
Release Date:
1995 July 01
# of Discs:
Ohno Yuji (all tracks)