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Review for 2011 Special Posted


Read my thoughts on this year's special. That is all...

2011 TV Special gets date and new cast


ANN reports that the TV special for 2011 will air December 2 and feature new voice cast members for the first time in sixteen years. Blood Seal ~Eternal Mermaid~ will have new voices for Zenigata, Goemon, and Fujiko. Rumors still swirl if this is indication that the TV series briefly mentioned earlier this year is on track. Join the discussion and weigh in on this being the jump start the franchise has desperately needed or the final straw to clutch at.

Something new this fall


I'm loathe to post news that has few actual details, but given the dearth of news... Why not... Apparently, a tiny promo aired in Japan announcing a new TV series in the fall. No other details were provided beyond that; ANN picked up the story once the Japanese fans started their buzz. The US fans started their buzz including Reed Nelson reporting his sources confirmed it was a TV series though few other details -- important ones like crew, cast, and even anime vs. live-action -- were yet to be established.

Flash forward a few days, and ANN followed up with NTV, the usual Japanese broadcaster of Lupin specials. They were saying only a TV special was slated for the fall. Reed's source still claims that it will be a TV series. So, confusion reigns until more official information is provided.

My money is on a TV special only. My hope is for the special to be a 90 minute pilot that leads into a new series.

2010 special coming February 12


It appears that winter is the new summer for the Lupin franchise; 2009 saw the crossover special air in March. February 12 will see the 2010 special air as announced by the Mainichi Shimbun (Japanese); titled The Last Job, the plot revolves around a Japanese artifact found in a Nazi sanatorium. A band of ninjas led by Morgana battle against Lupin for this treasure; the big twist is Zenigata will supposedly die at Morgana's hands.

Already, fandom is buzzing that this will be a turning point in the franchise, and this time they could be proved correct. Naya Goro, Zenigata's voice actor, has not been in good health or voice in recent years; he could be retiring leaving a large and unique hole to fill in the cast. The question remains if the writers can introduce a new antithesis for Lupin that the audience will embrace.

Then again, they replaced Lupin's voice with a similar one and kept the character going; maybe they have plans to do the same for Zenigata. A new direction for the franchise or just another stale gimmick (cf. $1 Money War as one example)? We'll find out in two months.

Discotek licenses Episode:0


Wonders never cease... After the disappointing sales of Fuma Conspiracy, Discotek decided not to release Legend of the Gold of Babylon. Instead, they saved their pennies and according to their recent blog post licensed Episode:0 First Contact. There are no more details other than a vague 2010 release date.

I'm going to lay it all out for you people; Episode:0 is held up as one of, if not the, best Lupin TV specials released. If the sales are disappointing for this release, you can kiss the notion of anyone licensing a Lupin title in the US goodbye for a decade or two. So, pre-order the instant you see it announced on Amazon, RightStuf, wherever. And don't stop there... spread the word and get your friends to check it out. Discotek is throwing us a huge bone here; let's reward them!

Lupin vs Detective Conan


From 2ch to ANN, the news is going out that Lupin will be starring in his first (that we know of) official crossover when an special episode of Detective Conan airs later this year. Fortunately, it sounds like this is in addition to rather than a replacement for the annual Lupin TV Special.

You can wave your fanboy flag in Reed's forums. I'll remain cautiously optimistic about this gimmick.

Lupin III Theme Attraction in Japan


A new attraction has opened in Tokyo Dome City, and it features our favorite thief! Visitors will be handed a PDA and set loose into the attraction navigating traps and puzzles in Lupin's hideout to find the treasure. You can read more at ANN; ah... must save up and get there before it leaves...

Title and date for the 2008 TV special announced


As of yesterday, the official Japanese Lupin site posted a small news bite announcing the date and title of this year's special. Airing on July 25, it is roughly titled Lupin the Third: sweet lost night ~magic lamp's nightmare premonition~.

Yeah... OK then... Not much else to go on right now, so begin the wild speculation!

Green VS Red written review


Following up on my video review, I've written down my thoughts on Green VS Red. Enjoy!

Lupin the Night! Monkey Punch appearances and more


According to Hot Shot News, the upcoming Green VS Red OVA is getting a marketing boost through "Lupin the Night!", three days worth of events.

Monkey Punch will be attending a March 8 event at the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills. He will also be signing 500 autographs at the Tokyo Anime Fair on March 29.

The March 8 appearance will also feature a pre-screening of the new OVA along with a number of films and specials. Other Toho theaters will screen the OVA and a smaller selection of titles on the 15th.